with images that



you’ve seen
the stats


there are thousands of new businesses starting up every day…

…which means lots of new websites appearing, and lots of social media marketing happening.

Obviously you need images — and not just any old pictures — you need images that stand out in the sea of sameness, images that are more than the same old stock photos and blurry, poorly-lit cell phone images.

And even more importantly you need images that are genuinely YOU.

Images that tell YOUR stories, in the way that only you can.

because stories
connect people

…and there are stories to tell about your business that will make the right people fall in love with what you offer —


the stock photos you’re using just aren’t capable of that level of storytelling. 

it’s okay

Take a deep breath

You’re in the right place

It’s time to show the SOUL of your business


and let your dream customers
fall in love with


Images that…


tell your story


bring life to your products


brilliantly illustrate your unique message


show your clients what it's like to work with you


connect emotionally with your people




get in touch

Reach out by way of my contact form and let’s figure out what your needs are for where you are right now on your entrepreneur journey. Redesigning your website? Planning a launch? Need some fresh social media content? I’ve got you — and I can’t wait to hear what you’re up to!



This is where I put on my Enola Holmes cap and dig in! I love sleuthing out the storylines and strategizing as much as I love photographing, and from an assessment of your website and social media presence, plus your immediate and long term goals, I’ll put together a plan with overarching storylines to guide your photo session.



You thought this was gonna be hard and overwhelming? No way! On shoot day, the best thing you can do is relax and be yourself, while I guide you through a fun and creative session. And you’ll end up with a library full of custom cohesive images, all set to deliver the perfect messages to your dream customers.


Let’s work together to create images that energize your brand and build connection with your ideal clients and customers.

Lifestyle Brand Mini-Session


You’re starting to up-level your brand, and you need images that lay the groundwork for your online presence.


  • pre-session questionnaire to help us plan for your specific needs
  • up to 1 hour of shooting time
  • 15 images, enough for a simple website, including headshots, environmental portraits, and product shots
  • commercial license for all images

The Signature Brand Session


You’re ready to strengthen your amazing business with images that connect with heart. This session is also ideal for a rebrand or a launch.


  • pre-session strategy session to brainstorm your brand stories and plan exactly what you need
  • up to 4 hours of shooting time
  • 60 images, enough for daily weekday social media posts for 3 months, plus portraits and product shots
  • commercial license for all images

The Content Creator


You’ve built an established brand and online presence, and you need to streamline your content creation to allow you more time for to spend on your business.


  • pre-session strategy session to brainstorm your brand stories and plan exactly what you need
  • up to 6 hours of shooting time
  • 120 images, enough for daily weekday social media posts for 6 months, plus portraits and product shots
  • commercial license for all images



“Rebecca tells stories with her photographs. She sees what others might miss. She captures those stories with creativity, clarity and, frankly, genius. She shows me things about my own work and business that I never even noticed. And although I feel self-conscious in front of the camera, Rebecca’s easy presence and care for my experience allows me to relax so she can show the essence of me, not a stiff smile. Rebecca is a gifted artist, photographer and collaborator. She is a joy to work with.”


Teacher / Artist / Writer, Nourishing Mindful Movement

“Rebecca immediately put me at ease with her calm demeanor and professionalism. I could tell that she “got it” and was going to be a joy to work with. She has an eye for the perfect composition and is remarkable at helping people to feel comfortable. Her product photography is stunning and I get wonderful comments on them all the time. Her photos help my small business look professional and polished.”


Business Owner, Birch Street Goods

“As the preferred photographer for International Neighbors, Rebecca George has beautifully documented a variety of events for our organization. Working with multiple cultures, her charisma and camera has made each subject feel completely at ease. Throughout every season, including Covid-19, Rebecca’s images depict much more than those portrayed by other photographers. She has a keen sense of perspective that beautifully captures the essence of even the most unique situations… I highly recommend Rebecca George for any photographic needs!”


Executive Director & Founder, International Neighbors



You are a gifted photographer with a wonderful sense of


you bring tremendous value to the experience

Elisabeth Sloan