is the best story

it sounds cliché, but it’s true

They change before our eyes…

And one day you’ll miss the tiny hand in yours, the flyaway hair and the tangles, and yes, even the sticky jelly fingerprints all over the kitchen.

And you’ll wonder: when was the last time he climbed into my lap? When was the last time she asked to be picked up? When was the last time they woke us in the middle of the night to snuggle away a bad dream?

Capture the moments…

Yes, even the mischievous ones!

I know, Mom, with all the millions of things you do every day just to keep them ALIVE, it’s hard to have time to keep track of documenting it all!  

I mean, you might take a few snapshots on your phone, when you can locate it under the piles of Legos, but goodness knows you don’t have time to sort through the images for ones that aren’t blurry, much less get anything printed and framed…


That’s where I come in!

A session with Rebecca is:


Easy and fun


natural and playful


free of forced smiles or awkward posing


in your home or outdoors


customizable to suit your family's needs




get in touch

Use my contact form to schedule a phone call. A 20 minute phone call is the fastest, easiest way to go over all the details and answer any questions you have about working with me. If it sounds like we’re a good fit, we can get your session on the books and start getting ready for some fun! A session fee of $350 and a little paperwork is all that’s required to reserve your spot.



Once we’re booked, I’ll send you my detailed guide to getting ready for your relaxed, zero-pressure session. Sessions usually take place in/around your home and last around 60-90 minutes; two weeks later, you’ll receive 50-ish fully edited proofs to swoon over and choose among. Collection prices start at $650 and are custom built for you.



Within just a couple of weeks of your session, your photos will be ready! You’ll let me know which collection you want to purchase. After that, you’ll have a full month to select the specific digital files and print items you want to use to fill that collection… zero pressure! Creating heirlooms that your family will enjoy for years to come has never been so easy! 

(your future self says
“thank you”)



to you?