Fall 2023

Thanks so much for your support for Augusta Dog Adoptions! Everything you do helps these sweet souls so much! 

black and white puppy in arms of a white woman

Click on the photo below to open the gallery. When you find your dog’s photos, you’ll see a “download” icon show up when you hover your curser over the photo. Click that, and you’ll be able to download, print and share your images!

**Note: if you use the download icon at the top right of the gallery, it will send you a link to download the ENTIRE gallery. You probably don’t want that! — so be sure to just use the download links from each individual photo that you want to download.

If you share on social media, I’d be delighted and so appreciative if you would give me photo credit and tag me!  I’m @bravedragonfly on instagram, and on  facebook, you can find me at rebeccageorgephotography

woman with red hair holding and kissing an elderly white chihuahua, overlaid with the text "Augusta Dog Adoptions Fundraiser" -- faded
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capturing real-life stories
of connection and emotion


Alright y’all, let's capture those precious moments of your loved ones - from tiny tots to dynamic teens! And guess what, your furry, feathery, or scaly friends are invited too, 'cause of COURSE they're part of the family!

So, whether it's the whole squad or just you and your ride-or-die, I'm here to capture the essence of your unique family bond. Let's make some picture-perfect memories, shall we?

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Let's make your brand shine!

Show off your unique personality and attract your ideal customers with next-level brand photography.

Together, we'll capture your vibe and tell your visual story. Say goodbye to generic stock photos and hello to a standout brand!

female architect at her desk drawing onto blueprints